Welcome to Thoughtful-Gestures. Your personal shopper.

A Thoughtful Gesture in todays’ business world is used as a marketing tool to maintain good relationships with clients and prospective business partners.

We are a local business, showcasing local entrepreneurs that offer their product or service in a form of a thoughtful gesture. We take the hassle out of shopping and presentation for you. Pick a gift, we personalize it and deliver to you or to the gift recipients home, work or place of business.

In business, some gifts are looked upon as a enticement to do business and have placed limits on a allowable gift amount. The confusion with some is the amount that is allowable as a tax write deduction. After the recent economy crash, many businesses were forced to make cut backs and stopped the aged ole tradition of business gifts.  What we lost was the mutual reward that comes from sharing a simple gesture of a gift of appreciation.

People will always remember how you made them feel.

* We accept custom personalized orders. If you see it on Etsy or Pinterest, we can likely make it. Shop local.


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